Barbara Walters: “NBC Offered Me A Job Last Summer”

Desperate times calls for desperate measures and it sounds like The Peacock could use a life preserver. Barbara Walters says NBC News tried to hire her back last June, but she decided to stay at ABC.

Walters — who spent 13 years on The TODAY Show before leaving the network in the late ’70s — says she met with NBC Universal chief executive Jeff Zucker and other officials.

“Last June, NBC came to me — NBC was my home for so many years before I came to ABC. And to my amazement, they made me an offer to come back to NBC News. At my age, it was a very flattering offer. … The fact that they would make an offer to someone of my age and consider that I still had years ahead was something that I think says something about them…” the 80-year-old journalist said Monday on The View.

NBC was even going to allow her to stay on The View, but ultimately chose not to go because she’s happy at ABC.

“It was a very flattering offer,” she adds. “So I just want to say that in spite of the fact it is young, young, they did make me this offer and now I can publicly thank them.”

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