Barbara Walters Calls Shenanigans on Bristol Palin’s Account of Losing Her Virginity

Barbara Walters: 1
Bristol Palin: 0

Sarah’s little girl, who’s been making the media rounds to promote her memoir, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, stopped by Walters’ show “The View” on Thursday.

Not content for Palin to just sit and let her surgically-altered face look pretty, Babs grilled her about a passage in the book in which Bristol says her virginity was “stolen” by babydaddy Levi Johnston after she got drunk on a camping trip.

The problem with this bit of storytelling is that Bristol and Levi didn’t have a one-and-done. They saw each other naked quite a few times after that (or least half-naked in the cab of a pick-up truck) — one of those times resulting in her pregnancy.

Palin’s response? “We did it that one night and I just figured it’s okay to do it again because I’d already broken my moral code.”

Of course. It IS hard to lock the doors once a thief has already made off with the car. But once you get it back, nothing says you have to keep leaving the keys in the ignition, dear.

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Watch the exchange below.

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