Barbara Walters Calls Shenanigans on Bristol Palin’s Account of Losing Her Virginity

Barbara Walters: 1
Bristol Palin: 0

Sarah’s little girl, who’s been making the media rounds to promote her memoir, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, stopped by Walters’ show “The View” on Thursday.

Not content for Palin to just sit and let her surgically-altered face look pretty, Babs grilled her about a passage in the book in which Bristol says her virginity was “stolen” by babydaddy Levi Johnston after she got drunk on a camping trip.

The problem with this bit of storytelling is that Bristol and Levi didn’t have a one-and-done. They saw each other naked quite a few times after that (or least half-naked in the cab of a pick-up truck) — one of those times resulting in her pregnancy.

Palin’s response? “We did it that one night and I just figured it’s okay to do it again because I’d already broken my moral code.”

Of course. It IS hard to lock the doors once a thief has already made off with the car. But once you get it back, nothing says you have to keep leaving the keys in the ignition, dear.

Watch the exchange below.

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