Lane Bryant Commercial Ad Banned By ABC & FOX

The Big Girls aren’t welcome on The Alphabet: Plus-size label Lane Bryant says that a commercial advertising their new line of lingerie has been rejected by ABC and FOX.

Lane Bryant — which caters to the pleasantly-plum bodies of the world — was set to launch its campaign for Cacique, a new line of intimates, during this week’s Dancing With The Stars, but controversy erupted after ABC abruptly yanked the ad spot, insisting the models in the ad bared too much cleavage for the commercial to be aired in primetime.

Lane Bryant thinks the Disney-owned network is “prejudiced against boobs” and has rallied cries of weight discrimination against the full-figured, an insider told The New York Post on Thursday.

“The cleavage of the plus-size models, they said, was excessive, and we don’t think that’s the case. It certainly appears to be discrimination against full-sized women.”

The brand also complains that FOX initially resisted the idea airing the ad during Wednesday’s episode American Idol. That network only relented after it was pointed out to executives that a commercial featuring the petite bodies of Victoria’s Secret models frequently airs between Idol segments.

Thoughts on this? Is the new Lane Bryant commercial too hot for TV?

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