What Did ‘Back To The Future II’ Get Right In There 2015 Predictions?



2015 has finally arrived, the year Marty McFly traveled to in Back To The Future II, in order to save his son from getting arrested.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been looking forward to this future world. Now that we are living in it, let’s take a look at all the things the movie predicted right, and the things they got wrong.


Flat Screen TV’s Mounted On The Wall
These days it’s hard to find a house hold who doesn’t possess one or multiple.

Video Games That Don’t Require Hands
Young Elijah Wood told Michael J Fox at the arcade that having to play video games with your hands was “like a baby toy.” Nintendo WII and Miscrosoft Kinect have both come up with a motion based video game so you don’t have to play with baby toys anymore.

Streaming Video Conferencing
Thanks to Skype and Facetime you can talk to people on your phone or laptop in real time.

As soon as these were introduced everyone had to have one.

Wearable Technology
Marty and Jennifer’s kids are using TV glasses to answer the phone which appears much like Google Glasses.

When Griff Tannen and his gang get arrested after crashing into the courthouse, a USA Today drone is right on the scene taking a photo for the newspaper.

Biff uses his thumb print to pay for a cab ride. The iPhone 6 uses fingerprints on its Touch ID for Apple Pay feature.



The Hooverboard

We are supposed to have a super cool floating skateboard . The closest thing we have is the Hendoo Hoverboard, a magnetic skateboard that can float above copper surfaces only, and you can only levitate an inch off the ground.

Flying cars

We have been promised a flying car ever since the car was invented pretty much. Will we ever get a flying car, probably not.

Michael Rogers an author, MSNBC.com columnist and recent futurist-in-residence for The New York Times says, “In terms of basic design, flying vehicles need lift; cars shouldn’t have lift. In terms of driver skills, a car’s basically a two-dimensional navigation; an airplane is three dimensional. Big difference in the driving required. And finally the FAA. Consider how cautious the regulators are being about drones, which weigh a few pounds and don[‘ carry passengers. Multiple that caution by a million.”

Adrian Berry a longtime science writer/editor for The Daily Telegraph and the author of The Next Ten Thousand Years: A Vision of Man’s Future in the Universe disagrees saying, “Well they could happen. but I think the flying will be entirely computerized. You’ll get computers to fly it for you.”

Ross Dawson founder of the think tank Future Exploration Network and author of the 2002 book Living Networks notes  “we do have a flying car. But not in the way they’re portrayed in the film, called Aeromobil.

Food Rehydrator

Grandma Lea Thompson rehydrates a pizza in seconds in the Black & Decker Rehydrator. It instantly transforms a little frozen circle into a large hot meal.

Phone Booths Everywhere
It very rare to see a phone booth anywhere.


Sneakers with power laces

Marty had Nike Air MAG sneakers which had power laces that laced themselves in seconds. Nike designer Tinker Hatfield has said that they will release actual kicks with the power laces in 2015.

Auto-drying And Size Adjusting Clothes

We are supposed to have clothes that would instantly dry themselves and clothes that would fit perfectly to your body shape and size. No dice.

The Rejuvenating Face Mask
Doc takes off his skin and looks perfectly young. The idea of body obsession, body surgery –this is a culture that started there.


Jaws 19
We haven’t even got a Jaws 2 or a remake of the cult classic, not that we need one.

Chicago Bears Win The World Series
This is to be determined. The Chicago Bears haven’t won a World Series since 1908. However, they do have some new young talent, it could possibly happen. It’s a tall order though.

Mr. Fusion

A contraption that would create energy from garbage. A complete game changer. Unfortunately, doesn’t exist.

The Dominance Of The Fax Machine

When Marty’s getting fired, there’s a fax coming in. And they refer to the fax machine several times. Some time in the first 30 minutes, Marty and Doc walk past a US postal service mailbox on the street. It has a big computer terminal an a big sign that says “Fax Here.” Fax machines are still around but are becoming more and more obsolete.

The Abolishment Of Lawyers
Well thats never going to happen.

Ok so technically we have until October 15 to make some vast improvements. We got some work to do.

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