Axl Rose Breaks Media Silence in Interview with “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

This should be interesting: Axl Rose will give his first live broadcast interview in 20 years when he appears on ABC’s late night gabfest Jimmy Kimmel Live on Oct. 24.

The former Guns N’ Roses frontman has been keeping a low profile since his controversial decision to “respectfully” decline his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of pioneering heavy metal band. Axl co-founded the rock faction and spearheaded their explosion on the charts in 1987.

But the guys have been at one another’s throats since a bitter falling out. Axl, 50, has been feuding with former Guns guitarist Slash since 1996.

Axl explained his decision to not only sit out the prestigious event but to turn down the distinction all together in an open letter addressed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

“I won’t be attending The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 2012 Ceremony and I respectfully decline my induction as a member of Guns N’ Roses to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. I strongly request that I not be inducted in absentia and please know that no one is authorized nor may anyone be permitted to accept any induction for me or speak on my behalf. Neither former members, label representatives nor the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame should imply whether directly, indirectly or by omission that I am included in any purported induction of Guns N’ Roses. This decision is personal. This letter is to help clarify things from my and my camp’s perspective. Neither is meant to offend, attack or condemn. Though unfortunately I’m sure there will be those who take offense (God knows how long I’ll have to contend with the fallout), I certainly don’t intend to disappoint anyone, especially the fans, with this decision.”

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