Awkward! When Kimmel Met Kanye


It took an awkward sit-down on national television, but it appears the Twitter-fueled “rap feud” between hip-hopster Kanye West and late night funnyguy Jimmy Kimmel has come to an end.

The budding of heads that first exploded on social media last week came to a head on Wednesday night’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, when the host welcomed the ticked-off rapper to the stage. Jimmy quipped in the show’s monologue:

“I’m actually looking forward to talking to Kanye. I have a lot of important questions to ask. Like, is he aware that the name Kanye translates to Akon in pig latin? The only other time I was ever involved in a rap feud of this magnitude was in 1992 when I accused Sir Mix-a-Lot of only liking medium butts.”

The interview itself was somewhat awkward. Never quite apologized for exploding on Kimmel during his Twitter temper tantrum, instead calling the outburst a misguided focus of pent-up rage about “bogus” tabloid falsehoods and people who “think it’s OK to treat celebrities like zoo animals.” Kanye does admit that he often says “stuff the wrong way.”

Jimmy responded with:

“I don’t know if you know this. And I often, in my own personal conversations, say, ‘I know this guy, and I’m telling you, he is not a jerk.'”

To prove his point, the host displayed a photo, taken at a wedding, of Kanye happily posing with Jimmy’s dad.

Kanye then remarked:

“For me to say I wasn’t a genius, I would just be lying to you and myself…You’re gonna love me or you’re gonna hate me, but I’m gonna be me.”

Following a comedy bit in which musical guest Josh Groban set Kanye’s choicest tweets to music, Kanye stuck around for a second segment that found him going on a rambling tirade that referenced Steve Jobs, Ralph Lauren, Michelangelo, DaVinci and Jesus Christ.

He expressed dismay that girlfriend Kim Kardashian is being denied a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“There is no way that Kim Kardashian shouldn’t have a star on the Walk of Fame.”

The highlight of the interview, however, came when Jimmy presented the new dad with a baby gift for daughter North: a tiny pair of leather jogging pants.


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