“Avatar” Depression

Avatar leaves audience depressed. James Cameron’s 3D sci-fi epic may have been a little too real for some fans, who say they’ve experienced depression –even had suicidal thoughts– after watching the movie Avatar. Thousands of Avatar fans are complaining that they are uncomfortable with the state of reality after seeing the film because they long to enjoy the beauty of Pandora, the enticing utopia featured in the movie, CNN reported this week.

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On forum websites, like “Avatar Forums,” throngs of fans express disgust with the human race and disengagement with life. A topic thread entitled “Ways To Cope With The Depression of The Dream of Pandora Being Intangible,” has received more than 1,000 posts from people experiencing depression after seeing Avatar and fans trying to help them cope. The topic has become so popular that forum administrator Philippe Baghdassarian had to create a second thread so people could continue to post their thoughts about the movie.

A Naviblue user identified as “Mike” says he contemplated suicide after seeing the movie.

“Ever since I went to see ‘Avatar’ I have been depressed. Watching the wonderful world of Pandora and all the Na’vi made me want to be one of them. I can’t stop thinking about all the things that happened in the film and all of the tears and shivers I got from it,” Mike posted. “I even contemplate suicide thinking that if I do it I will be rebirthed in a world similar to Pandora and the everything is the same as in ‘Avatar’,” he added.

Avatar has grossed more than $1.4 billion at the international box office since its release last month and is on track to surpass Cameron’s Titanic as the Highest-Grossing Film of All-Time.

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