Astronauts Need To Wash Their Hair And The Routine Is Insane [Watch]

When you need to wash your hair there is a simple process to follow: Wash, Rinse, Repeat. We have heard that mantra a million times, but for NASA astronauts, the simple process of washing their hair becomes a complex routine that is pretty insane to undertake while floating 240 miles above Earth.

NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg shows how she washes her long hair in space while living in weightlessness on the International Space Station. Hint: No rinse shampoo is a must.

NASA Astronaut Washing Hair In Space

NASA astronauts have posted many videos about their daily lives aboard the I.S.S., you can catch more of their crazy moments on the official NASA YouTube channel.

TELL US: Would you just forgo washing your hair while aboard the International Space Station?

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