Ashton Kutcher Ruptured Eardrum


Twitter King Ashton Kutcher is recovering from a ruptured eardrum after he was injured during shooting for his new movie Five Killers in Nassau, Bahamas earlier this month.

Ashton was filming scenes for the action comedy with co-star Katherine Heigl when he complained of a severe headache and took a break.

Worried crewmembers rushed Ashton to a nearby hospital when they noticed he had a bloody ear, an set insider tells The National Enquirer. Doctors diagnosed the problem and treated Ashton, who was later released.

“Demi was terrified,” says the source. “She’s been staying with Ashton while he’s been filming water scenes for the movie. And when she was told he was being rushed to the hospital bleeding from his ear, she thought the worst.”

The insider adds, “Demi really lost it for several minutes. She was crying as she raced to the hospital.”

While a ruptured eardrum can result in infection and even hearing loss, Ashton’s being given the all-clear by medics, and recently flew to Georgia, where he filming has resumed.

“Ashton was a trouper. He didn’t even miss a day of filming.”

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