Ashley Tisdale Picture Gallery

Ashley Tisdale has been an up and coming star for a while but with the release of High School Musical 3 she’s becoming a household name. While most of these Ashley Tisdale pictures show her with blond hair, she’s actually a brunette in real life. There is also some controversy about whether Ashley got a nose job or not.

But who really cares! Ashley Tisdale is not only hot, but she’s also a really cool girl. We’ve put together the following photo collection to show off the many different sides of Ashely. In some pictures she’s dressed very casually, others very formally. In some she’s wearing sweats and holding her dog (who is very cute btw) and others she is wearing a bikini – did we say that Ashley Tisdale is hot?

Here’s our gallery of Ashley Tisdale photos. You can click on the small image to see a larger version of the picture.

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