Ashley Tisdale Breast Implants: Ashley Tisdale Breast Job

Ashley Tisdale’s critically panned nose job isn’t stopping the High School Musical star from going under the knifea again, this time Ashley wants to amp up her washboard bosom with a breast augmentation. “Ashley wants curves. She wants to be sexy and not to look like a stick-thin model. She wants to look like a model.”

“Ashley hated her new nose at first, but now she loves the results,” a Tisdale tattle tells Star. “Once it healed and the swelling went down, she thought about having more work down.”

“She’s already trying on padded bras to pick her new size!” Star Magazine reports.

But don’t expect to see Ash’s new bust anytime soon, the actress has decided to wait until she wraps up shooting on High School Musical 3: Senior Year before undergoing the surgery.

“Ashley has consulted a few doctors, but that’s it,” says a friend.

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