Ashley Olsen Dating Justin Bartha

Ashley Olsen, recently voted the “hotter” Olsen twin by Maxim Magazine, has been spotted around New York with up-and-coming actor Justin Bartha. The petite blonde was snapped dining with her new man at Patsy’s Restaurant on West 56th Street last week.

“It looked like they were on a date,” says a spy. And it seems as if Ashley’s bagged herself an old-school gentleman, with Justin “opening the door for her when they left,” spywitnesses tell The New York Post.

But rumors of an “intense violent streak” and Justin’s propensity for shouting outbursts have left Olsen’s friends concerned over the billionairess’ interest in the aspiring thesbian.

“He’s a little bit psycho-y,” a source reveals to the Post.

We’re told that after Hearst ended her relationship with Bartha, didn’t take it well” and even went so far as to “scream at her and call her a bitch” at an Oscar party this year.

“Lydia broke up with him in August 2007, and at the In Style party during the Oscars in February 2008, Justin went up to her and yelled at her in front of everyone,” said an insider who witnessed the incident.

When the couple broke up, Bartha was evidently crushed. “Lydia was so young, and he was just too intense about her,” the source said. “Justin is still really p – – – ed that she broke up with him in August.”

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