Ashley Judd Is Fed Up With Twitter And Their Inadequate Process For Dealing With Online Abuse

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Ashley Judd, as some people may be aware by now, had quite an ordeal with certain basketball fans over the course of March Madness in the form of social media. The actress was attacked verbally over multiple social networks with a variety of different sexist comments.

Like with many victims of online abuse and hate, she has not received much help, despite all of her efforts with contacting Twitter and publicly announcing that she would press charges after the SEC Championship Game against Arkansas.

Much of the attacks came over Twitter when she was called just about every vulgar term you could imagine for a woman and men seem to take every chance they can get when attacking women, especially when it comes to refusing to believe they have any integrity in the world of sports for some reason.

Ashley Judd is a graduate of Kentucky University and has been a big Kentucky Wildcats fan for a long time, spending her time attending games and showing much of her excitement over Twitter by sharing pictures of the team and her reactions to events during the games.

Following the events and the conclusion of the NCAA tournament Judd stopped by the 2015 Women in the World Summit in New York on Thursday in order to speak on a panel titled “Stop The Trolls” in order to address her online abuse even further.

On the panel, the actress said “When I was sitting there trying to report to Twitter, it’s like, the method they gave me was so inadequate and so underrepresented the experience I was having, and demoralizing every time I got an automated response from Twitter, and, by the way, I would like to put pressure on them right now—I’m totally aggravated that they haven’t reached out to me. I am low-hanging fruit.”

Although she has been greatly affected by the attacks over Twitter, she also vows to keep her account because she has more than 266,000 followers and feels like being on the social network helps her connect with fans and feel like more of an approachable person.

Ashley Judd may be gaining a lot of attention for the attacks that she received over Twitter, but sadly she is only one of many in a growing problem in the internet age. It is hard for many people to speak out and say that it has happened to them, but sadly this time of thing seems to happen to women online and in person in some form all the time.

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