Ashley Biden Cocaine Video For Sale $250,000


Hey guys, we thought you’d might like some additional info on the video we told you about earlier that allegedly features the daughter of Vice President Joe Biden snorting cocaine.

Here’s the scoop, a man claiming to be a former friend of Ashley Biden is shopping a video of the 27-year-old sniffing coke at a party in Wilmington, Delaware.

The seller and his (now former) attorney say the video was shot earlier this year, and they’re willing to part with it for $250,000 for it, according to The New York Post and RadarOnline. Thomas Dunlap, a lawyer who had been representing the man trying to hawk the video, is no longer representing that person.

Reporters from Radar and The Post watched segments of the video, and reveal seeing a woman identical to Ashley Biden snorting a white powdery substance with a red straw in one instance and with a rolled up dollar bill in another.

The unidentified woman later jokes that the lines of powder aren’t large enough.

The man who shot it, who claims to be an attorney, said Ashley Biden was aware she was being taped and even acknowledged the camera by waving at it several times.

Ashley Biden is a social worker for a Delaware child-welfare agency. She was visible presence during her father’s campaign for the White House.

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