Asher Roth: “I’m Not Gay”

Asher Roth Is Not Gay

Asher Roth isn’t “hiding in hip-hop.” Asher has stepped forward to quash rumors that he is a closeted homosexual, who was recently dumped by his SRC Records label, after word that the “I Love College” star was scheduled to come out of the closet in an E! News special debuting later this week spread across the Interwebs over the weekend.

Roth’s record label issued a statement dispelling the gay rumors late Sunday:

“Asher Roth is not gay, and is not scheduled to be interviewed on the E! Channel,” said Loud Records Executive Vice-President DJ Vlad. “Furthermore, Asher has not been dropped from SRC Records, and is a top priority at the label after having sold over a million copies his ‘I Love College’ single. Asher is currently working on his next album for SRC.”

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