Aryan Nation ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Death Threat; White Supremacist Group Offers $75,000 For Duane Chapman Murder

The Aryan Nation wants Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman dead. The white supremacist hate group is angry television’s ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ apologized for using the N-word to refer to his son’s African-American GF.

Niger Innis, a spokesman for the Congress Of Racial Equality, tells The Globe that he has discovered the white supremacists want the bounty hunter dead – and they’re offering $75,000 to anyone who’ll carry out the job.

“Chapman told me himself that there was a bounty on his head from the white Aryan Nations. They don’t believe he is demonstrating enough white pride… Chapman’s not only upset black America with his ugly taped talk, he’s now drawn the wrath of the white supremacists too.”

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