Arnold Schwarzenegger Making Big Screen Comeback In “Cry Macho”

Actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger has snagged his first film role since leaving the Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento in January.

And there won’t be a robot in sight, if you can believe that.

The muscle-man, now 63, has been cast in Cry Macho, a drama about an alcoholic horse breeder grieving the loss of his own family when he’s hired to travel to Mexico to kidnap a young boy from his mother. Insiders say Schwarzenegger was attached to the project more than a decade ago, but producers decided Clint Eastwood would make a better lead.

“He’s a little bit over-the-hill. The last two years didn’t go so well. But then the owner of the horses gives him a challenge. He sends him to Mexico to get his son,” The Arnold says of his role in the film, based on the novel by N. Richard Nash.

Schwarzenegger’s filmography boasts lead parts in a host of ’80s and ’90s blockbusters, among them Twins, Total Recall, and Conan. At the height of his career, the former bodybuilder was able to command more than $25 million per film. For Cry Macho, he’ll earn $10 million plus a 25 percent share of the opening day box office receipts.

We hear Schwarzenegger — who spent eight years as governor of California — is also shopping another Terminator movie to interested studios and plotting the launch of an autobiographical superhero, aptly-dubbed “The Governator.”

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