Ariana Grande Criticizes The Way Magazines ‘For Men’ and ‘For Women’ Are Sold


If you’ve ever been the one wondering why all the cool, interesting magazines about science and movies are categorized beneath the “Men’s Interest” sign, then you’re not alone. Ariana Grande agrees with you, as does her mother.

Yesterday, Ariana Grande’s mother Joan posted two photos to Twitter: one of a “Women’s Interest” magazine rack, and another of the “Men’s Interest” magazine section. She captioned the photo, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Her daughter, pop princess Ariana Grande, responded to the tweet quickly, saying:


The photos and the comments spurred a debate that has led to a conversation about how we market to men and women. The two Grandes clearly took issue with a practice that assumes women only want to read about beauty, fashion, and celebrity gossip, while the magazines about business, science, cars, and entertainment are all considered interesting to men alone.

Not only is the practice sexist, it’s also inaccurate, as Ariana was also quick to point out. She asserted that she knows many men who read Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and that women are obviously interested in things outside beauty and celeb culture. Why not just categorize the magazines according to topic, not according to their target market?

If the purpose of having Men’s and Women’s categories is meant to make it easier to market to these specific demographics, then it’s possibly a dumb move. More and more people are calling attention to the small, every day ways gender roles assert themselves in our society, some of which can be seriously harmful. And even though this issue may seem small to some, it’s only by calling attention to small things that big change occurs. 

Ariana then tweeted a series of hashtags in support of her mother’s views, and reminded everyone that #MenReadCosmo and women, obviously, read Forbes.

It would not only be a hell of a lot more reasonable to just categorize reading materials according to topic, but it would also make a great statement. Our world is becoming increasingly aware of its backwards tendencies, and companies would definitely make a statement to customers by changing the way it markets goods. Small changes like these go a long way.

Lisa Lo Paro
Lisa is a freelance writer and bibliophile living on the outskirts of New York City. She likes 2 a.m. with a good book, takes cream in her coffee and heavily filters her photos. Check out her blog The Most Happy, her Instagram, and Twitter.

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