Aretha Franklin Pancreatic Cancer!?

Oh dear…..

It seems the mystery illness that has sidelined music legend Aretha Franklin from the stage until May is much more serious than gout or a bad case of heartburn.

In fact, the Queen of Soul could be in for the fight of her life.

The Snitch Circuit is abuzz this Wednesday with whispers that Franklin has been diagnosed with advanced (Read: Inoperable and Incurable) pancreatic cancer.

The National Enquirer claims doctors made the glum diagnosis after Aretha broke her ribs in a shower fall over the summer. Tabloid tattles claim the “Respect” singer has been given less than a year to live, with her advanced age (She’s 68..) and massive weight lowering her odds of recovery. Though The Enquirer is known for its often-outlandish take on unbiased journalism, it should be noted that the publication was the first in the world to report Patrick Swayze and Michael Landon’s battles with pancreatic cancer — a disease that has a less than 10 percent survival rate and ultimately killed both actors. They also blew the lid off Christina Applegate’s breast cancer scare in 2008.

“She even hid her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer from some family members,” a well-placed Franklin source told the publication.

Franklin underwent a top secret medical procedure last Thursday, Dec. 2, one day after a community prayer vigil was held on behalf of the legendary Motown singer in her hometown of Detroit. Franklin wasn’t at the vigil, but in a statement she thanked the City Council, saying “All prayers are good.”

Indeed they are. Best wishes to The Queen!

UPDATE: A Franklin family insider, who asked not to be identified, tells the Detroit press that Ms. Aretha does, in fact, have cancer. (NO!!!) The relative said that the singing legend is doing well for now, but the family is still very concerned about her prognosis. The family member didn’t not, however, say what type of cancer Aretha was diagnosed with. Here’s to hoping she’s not fighting the silent killer that all too often is pancreatic cancer. No word from Aretha’s rep yet.

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