Are Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress Replicas Cursed?


Quick question for all the superstitious Kardashian fans in the house: Would you walk down the aisle wearing a replica of one of Kim Kardashian’s Vera Wang wedding gowns, particularly knowing that the vixen was married for a mere 72 days?

That’s the burning question for wedding retailer David’s Bridal.

The store is forging ahead with plans to sell replicas of Kim K’s three decadent dresses to the masses, a source tells The New York Post. An insider says it’s “too late to stop” the sales plan since the gowns were well into production before the divorce announcement rocked the First Family of Reality TV last week.

With speculation over whether Kim and Kris’ wedding was a publicity stunt — a claim The Kardashians vehemently deny — reports have surfaced that even dress designer Vera Wang might have been duped by the multimillion-dollar wedding fiasco.

“Vera cultivated the relationship with the Kardashians years ago. Everyone was taken for a ride on this one. Some on the [David’s Bridal] sales side worry the dresses are cursed.”

Perhaps they should say “kursed?”


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