Apple iOS Emoji Now Feature Culturally Diverse Characters And Symbols

Apple Emoji Set with ethniticities

Apple has finally released a set of culturally diverse emoji. Gone are the days when pale white guys and girls ruled our emotions. The new icons feature various skin tones, meant to represent various ethnicities from all over the world. Along with faces there are thumbs up emoji, flags from various other countries, and other icons that are meant to showcase Apple’s attempt to diversify its emoji database.

The new icons can be found pre-installed via iOS 8.3, which can be downloaded from your Apple-based smartphone or tablet. The new software features an updated emoji palette containing 300 new icons that are sure to spice up all of your digital communications.

Apple has also thrown in a bunch of emoji that showcase a diverse family background, ensuring that a number of new groups are finally represented by the popular icons.

To change the skin color all you have to do click on one of the human emoji icons and hold down your mouse key, and a window will pop up above that lets you choose from six color options.

Multi Race Emoji

If you want to represent a country, a bunch of flags can also be chosen with a few simple clicks. Apple iOS Emojis

The new emoji are available for immediate use.

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