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Anti-Muslim Protester Can’t Get A Million Dollar Break — GoFundMe Deleted


Anti-Muslim protester with persecution complex.
Poor Jon Ritzheimer. He may have believed that making a name for himself as an anti-Muslim protester was going to be the quick path to fame and fortune, but if so, he must be feeling the despair of failure today. Now GoFundMe has deleted his campaign to be given $10 million for ‘protection,’ and he’s crying out for help against the persecution — as soon as he figures out just who is persecuting him.

Ritzheimer had an idea for an anti-Muslim protest, in front of a mosque, with the apparent dual purposes of promoting free speech (he asked protesters to draw the prophet Muhammed) and proving that all Muslims are violent terrorists.

In an interview during the protest, he assured the public that all the mosque-goers were communicating threats to him, and that his life was in danger. This doesn’t seem to reflect the experience of other protesters.

Instead, according to the Washington Post, protesters were invited to enter the mosque for evening prayer — and those who did, found that the people inside were just regular Americans, friendly and peaceful.

This clearly wouldn’t do for Ritzheimer’s purposes, though. He closed the event by saying he was in fear for his life, and quickly set up a GoFundMe, asking for $10 million — yes, ten million dollars — to use to protect his family. Addicting Info reports that in the GoFundMe description, Ritzheimer promised he’d give any leftover funds to a children’s hospital or use it to run for Senate.

Anti-Muslim protester messed up.

Now the GoFundMe has been deleted, and since no credible threats ever surfaced during his protest, Ritzheimer has to find another source to claim for his purported fears.

Don’t worry, he’s already got it figured out.

His public video post, with nearly a thousand shares, is here. If it should disappear like his GoFundMe and other pages, here’s a YouTube version, that D. Hermann improved with a bit of sarcastic commentary and apt musical background.

Hackers and the media are all out to get him. In a new public Facebook post, he claims that hackers have published his social security number and that he’s in hiding, ‘taking cover from a verbal firefight.’ Meanwhile, the media is ‘the reason for all this,’ and the government ‘let all this happen.’ In fact, he’s worried that years from now, his daughters might fear for their lives if they ‘accidentally offend someone.’ (Like, accidentally offend by going to their place of worship and waving signs that explicitly attack their religion, maybe?) In closing, he promises that if Muslims will simply, instead of killing people (the way no Muslims did at his rally), just mention that Muhammed cartoons offend them (the way countless Muslims have explained) then they’ll get an apology (like the one he has still not offered.)

So, who does he think is after him now? Let’s see: Muslims, the government, hackers, and the media. Yet somehow, he can’t get anyone to give him a few million dollars for being a loud, abrasive anti-Muslim protester. Some guys just can’t get a multi-million dollar break for screaming hate.

Steph Bazzle
Steph Bazzle is a homeschooling mom who likes to write about justice, equality, and religious issues.

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