Anthony Michael Hall Bit Girlfriend’s Forehead During Alleged Assault

Former Brat Packer Anthony Michael Hall “bit his girlfriend’s forehead” during an altercation earlier this month, according The New York Post. Hall — who played the proverbial “nerd” in ’80s teen films like The Breakfast Club and Weird Science — reportedly stalked, “pushed, shoved, and spit at” girlfriend Diana Falzone, a Sirius Radio host and columnist, during an altercation in Falzone’s Manhattan apartment Nov. 10.
Anthony Michael Hall Bit Girlfriend During Altercation
The fight occurred around 2AM, but the actor came back the next morning around 3AM “intoxicated.” He pounded on the door but was eventually escorted from Falzone’s residence by officers, according to The Post.

Falzone has since been issued a temporary restraining order against Hall.

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