Anthony Davis Insists The Pelicans Can Beat The Warriors, Is That Really Possible?



Anthony Davis may be one of the best players in the NBA right now as a rising star, but it is hard to imagine why he would want to publicly make a statement like the one he made regarding the Warriors.

The Warriors are clearly the hottest team in the NBA right now after setting a franchise record for most wins in a season and having the best record in the league. They are led by MVP-hopeful Stephen Curry and won the first game against the Pelicans, but for some reason Davis thinks the Pelicans will win the series.

The New Orleans Pelicans defeated the Spurs on the last night of the season in order to make the playoffs and many people probably think that the Thunder should be in their place, but that doesn’t seem to phase Davis at all, who has no doubt that they will beat the Warriors.

Anthony Davis had quite an impressive debut in the playoffs in game 1 of the series against the Golden State Warriors, but perhaps he is letting that performance get the best of him and he is getting a bit too cocky already. It was even revealed that he dislocated his finger against the Spurs, but that obviously didn’t have any effect on him in the playoff game.

He scored 35 points and had 4 blocks with the Pelicans sticking around until the end with a fierce fourth quarter comeback that most people were probably not expecting. Oddly enough, their game against the Warriors was actually one of the closest of the weekend, with a first weekend that was filled with blowouts surprisingly.

He will certainly gain the attention of Steph Curry and company with his latest remarks and might make the Warriors play even tougher in game 2. There is no doubt that the fans will be excited in Oracle Arena as they get ready to face the Pelicans in game 2 tonight.

Anthony Davis and the Pelicans get ready for round 2 against the team that is likely to win the NBA championship this year and somehow he thinks they will win. Bold statements, like the one he made, often come back to hurt a team more than it can help. Hopefully, for his sake, that will not be the case this time.

Tobias Roth
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