Anthony Davis Dislocates His Finger Prior To First Round Match-Up With Warriors



Anthony Davis is one of the best players in the NBA and recently got his New Orleans Pelicans into the 8th spot in the playoffs. However, aside from their insanely tough match-up, it will be just about impossible for the Pelicans to win without their best player at full health.

Davis suffered the injury during the Pelicans’ crucial win against the Spurs on Wednesday night, a game that they needed to win in order to head to the NBA playoffs, and prevent the Thunder from doing so in their place.

Of course, being the tough player that the big man is, he did not let the injury stop him from playing and making a difference in that game, but there is a chance that it could have an effect on his game in the upcoming playoff series against the Golden State Warriors.

Anthony Davis played through it and while watching the game, it may have been hard to even tell that anything had happened to him since the officials didn’t stop the game and he didn’t seem to be too hurt by it. He is a big man and is obviously used to playing through pain and being hit by other players when going up for a rebound, so this injury is nothing new.

Speaking with Fox Sports’ Jen Hale after the game, the 22-year-old All-Star said, “I dislocated my pinky finger. And he [Evans] told me, ‘you wanna go home or you wanna be here?’ I want to be here. He said, ‘All right, then go tape it up and let’s play. Let’s go. We’re not stopping at any stores, straight gas.’ That’s what we do, we just keep going.”

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Although they might not have much of a chance of winning a series against the Golden State Warriors anyway, the Pelicans will certainly hope to have Davis in a good enough state to play through the series.

Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans will take on the Golden State Warriors in one of the first games of the playoffs when they head to the Warriors’ home court for a 3:30 match-up on Saturday, April 18th.

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