Anne Heche Broke: Anne Heche Child Support Payments Reprieve

Anne Heche is broke as a joke. The actress was requested and was granted a temporary reprieve in paying her child and spousal support obligations to her ex, Coley Laffoon, and her son, Homer. Anne claims she is on her last leg financially after ABC pulled the plug on her series Men In Trees last week. In a legal declaration to the court, Heche states that since January she has “been unemployed and had no income from employment except for one very short term contract for a movie role for which [she] received a total of $65,000.”

And it gets worse. The actress also wrote in her court statement that she has $34,840.93 in “all of her accounts” and that if she continued her support payments of $14,798 per month, she would “have a deficit of more than $6,000 by May 31, 2008.”

She also wrote that she has $364,000 of legal, accounting and other personal debt.

Oh dear. Maybe this is punishment for naming her kid Homer.

The court has agreed to let Anne skip her July 1st spousal and child support payments pending a hearing on the matter on July 2nd, People Magazine reports.

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