Anne Hathaway Mistakes Bus Rider For Homeless Woman

Can you say awkward?

Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, Anne Hathaway ended up on the receiving end of a razor-edged rant when she offered a bag of leftovers to a disheveled old woman sitting on a bus bench.


Anne has just left the ritzy West Hollywood eatery Cecconi’s when she spotted – what she assumed was — the homeless woman and graciously offered the lady her a doggy bag of gourmet leftovers, tattles tell The National Enquirer’s signature celebrity snitch Mike Walker.

The woman was outraged and wasted no time flipping the Bitch Switch on on poor Anne.

“What do you think I am – HOMELESS?…I’m just waiting for the bus!…Just because I’m not all dressed up, you think I’m a homeless woman?” she bellowed

A humiliated Anne apologized profusely before quickly scampered away with her rejected doggie bag.

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