Anne Hathaway Julie Andrews Advice Raffaello Follieri Breakup

Anne Hathaway sought the advice of good friend and former co-star Julie Andrews when deciding whether or not to breakup with her con man ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri. The twenty-nine year old Italian businessman is currently behind bars in a New York City jail on fraud charges.The screen legend didn’t quite advise Anne to DTFA (Dump The Fucker Already!), but Julie did tell Anne to do what was best for her career.

“Julie was a mentor to Anne early in her career and the younger actress respected her opinion and her distance from the personalities involved… In the end Julie told Anne she ‘had to do what’s best for her,” says a source for the Globe.

The leading ladies shared the silver screen together in Disney’s 2001 hit The Princess Diaries. (Cutest Anne Hathaway movie-ever. Check it out, if you haven’t already!)

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