Ann Curry Lands Brangelina Wedding Exclusive?

Just a month after she was ousted from her job as co-host of NBC’s The Today Show, journalist Ann Curry has been selected to interview Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie about their upcoming wedding.

Take that, Matt!

Angelina doesn’t have a publicist, so she handpicks who she does press with. The Oscar winner developed a kinship with Curry during her years at Today and reached out to the veteran journalist with an offer of an exclusive pre-wedding chat, a squeal in-the-know divulged to RadarOnline.

“Angelina reached out to Ann Curry after she was fired from her gig on The Today Show and was very clear, if ANY news program from NBC wants an interview with her or Brad, Ann will be the only one to do it.”

The snoop added:

“Angelina has tremendous respect for Ann because of the work she has done on bringing awareness to Darfur…Their working relationship has developed into a friendship and it meant the world to Ann that Angelina had reached out to her.”

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