Angelina plays Devil’s Advocate

Madonna & Angelina Jolie After weeks and weeks of criticism across the globe in regards to Madonna’s shifty adoption of David, a Malawi boy who still has a father, Angelina Jolie – perhaps one of the best known advocates of international adoption – has finally spoken out. It seems she can see both sides of the situation, demonstrating her diplomacy.

On the one hand, she is “horrified by the attacks [Madonna has] been subjected to” according to an interview with Gala magazine in France. She points out that David’s happiness is the most important factor.

On the other hand, she does still hold some criticism herself. Although Jolie has adopted two children internationally – Maddox from Cambodia and Zahara from Ethiopia – she did so in countries with the legal rights to international adoption. Jolie firmly stated that Madonna was aware of the fact that Malawi does not allow international adoption and that she herself would never take a child from a country where such procedures are illegal.

It may all be moot in the end. The Malawian government and child welfare folks are quite satisfied with Madonna’s parenting of David after close monitoring. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt has announced that he and Jolie are hoping to add to their family; no word yet on whether that means another biological baby like Shiloh, or whether they will seek out a child in need of a loving family. Still, if it’s the latter I’m sure we can expect that their adoption will be a legal one and that their fourth child will not come from Malawi.

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