Angelina Pivarnick Eyeing TNA Wrestling Deal, But Still “Regrets” Leaving “Jersey Shore”

Former Jersey Shorer Angelina Pivarnick is hashing out the details of a deal that could land her a gig as a pro-brawler with theatrical wrestling company TNA Wrestling (This after her dreams of a promising career in the world of hip-hop went belly up. Imagine that.) — but the former reality personality says she can’t help but regret walking out the MTV docu-series that’s become a household name.

Well, a dysfunctional household name anyway.

“I would be a liar if I told you I didn’t miss it, because I actually do. I miss the fact that I was part of such a big TV show,” Pivarnick told this week. The Staten Island native left the show twice before finally terminating her contract with MTV late last year. Angelina claims she was tormented into depression by her equally-devilish castmates.

She was quick to add though that “sucks without me.” Not so fast, Angie Girl. The ratings for the third season premiere of Jersey Shore fist-pumped through the roof with 8.45 million viewers last week, making Thursday’s broadcast MTV’s most watched series telecast of all time,

We’ve got a feeling viewers may not miss you. Womp. Womp.

Angelina also has choice words for her Shore replacement Deena Nicole Cortese.

Pivarnick calls casting Deena “a very, very bad decision.”

“That girl — she’s a slob, she’s a whore, she’s just something that everybody’s making fun of,” she retorted.

Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle kibbles!

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