Angelina Jolie Twins Birth Diva Demands Upsets Princess Grace Hospital

The Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco has one thing to say to Angelina Jolie: “Get a grip-or deliver your twins at another hospital!” Executives at the famed medical facility were left outraged when the Wanted star presented officials with a list of demands before she would agree to deliver her twins at the hospital. So just what is one-half of Brangelina demanding. Well one of Angie’s requests is fortress-style security; the Oscar-winner wants the hospital surrounded by ex-military personnel with two-way radios while she gives birth.

“She first sent emissaries to check out the facilitiies to ee whether they were good enough for her,” a snitching spy spilled to The National Enquirer. “Lawyers were brought in-it was like she was thrashing out a movie contract.”

According to the tabloid insider, hospital officials have advised Angelina that she may want to consider another hospital unless she is willing to drop in request for special treatment:

“The Princess Grace Hospital is a world-class facility but is open to all inhabitants of Monaco. It could not become a medical institution geared solely around the selfish needs of Angelina Jolie.”

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