Angelina Jolie Affair With Ex-Girlfriend Jenny Shimizu; Actress Cheating On Brad Pitt With Lesbian

Angelina Jolie recently claimed to be snubbing snatch out of love for Brad Pitt and their Rainbow Tribe. Well, that’s one big lie according to Angie’s ‘ex-GF’ former Calvin Klein jeans model Jenny Shimizu. Jenny reveals tawdry details of her continuing ten year affair with the ‘A Mighty Heart’ star in a new documentary Angelina — Saint Or Sinner? And Jenny has a message for B.P: “There has never been an ending to her and I. I think there never will be.”

“She’s always had lovers that she relies on. If she can ring you and you can meet up then she can take care of her sexual needs.”

“Whenever she calls me up I visit her. It’s not always the case that we have sex. Sometimes we go to her property in Cambodia and explore the jungle.”

“It’s definitely more of a deeper friendship. She’s the person I’ll always care about and always help and always be there for.”

“It seems like he comes from a different place. He wants to have kids and he wants to have a perfect marriage. She’s a tough woman who will do everything she wants to.”

“I don’t think there is any way of controlling Angelina. She’s not going to be a housewife.”

Jenny met Angelina on the set of the 1993 film ‘Foxfire,’ and says that the pair began sleeping together despite her being married to then husband Jonny Lee Miller.

“She is beautiful. Her mouth is amazing. I’ve never kissed anyone with a bigger mouth than Angelina. It’s like two water beds — it’s like this big kind of warm, mushy, beautiful thing.”

“She’s a gorgeous woman. We were already sleeping together when I met Jonny while on Foxfire. She told both of us how she felt and we all went out to dinner one night. She was honest — that’s how she’s been her whole life.”

“We didn’t have a threesome — I’m not really into that — it was a friendship the three of us had.”

“But there wasn’t very much conversation with Jonny. I think he was very threatened by me.”

“She’s a very dominant personality. Once she displays love for you, she wants to know how much you care about her.”

Jenny also speaks out on Angie and bondage:

“It’s not so much we were dressed in leather capes and masks and there were chains. It was emotional. I would restrain her with my arms but we didn’t get into buying stuff. We just used whatever props were available if we wanted to.”

“She was a collector of knives and taught me about them.”

“Maybe she would settle down and be with one person but I think she goes looking for excitement all the time.”

“Her passion is people and it’s hard to just settle down with one person when you have a whole world in front of you.”

“I’m not saying she sleeps with a lot of people. But I can’t imagine her just being married and being happy.”

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