Andy Griffith Sex Scene In “Play The Game”

Old People Sex — Grab The Brain Bleach! Sheriff Andy gets randy as straitlaced TV icon Andy Griffith appears in his first sex scene at the age of 83!


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The TV legend, who appeared on landmark small screen shows like The Andy Griffith Show and Mattlock, is getting it on under the sheets with 80-year-old actress Liz Sheridan in the new senior sex comedy Play The Game.

In the film, Andy plays Grandpa Joe, a senior citizen, who turns into a bed-hopping Casanova to hordes of willing old ladies in his assisted living facility under the tutlege of his lothario grandson. He even puts the moves on 80-year-old Doris Roberts– best known for playing Ray Romano’s mom on the award-winning comedy Everybody Loves Raymond.

Andy and Liz end up in the sack after the actress’ character, Edna, spills a Viagra into Andy’s drink and covers her wrinkles with a red teddy to seduce him.

“He was very nervous,” Liz says of her sex scene with the former television lawyer. “We had all kinds of technicians and crew in the room, and his wife was on set watching through the camera.”

Andy’s mid-orgasm contortions are a really knee-slapper (I think I’m going to be sick…), says the film’s director Marc Fienberg — who reveals that Mayberry’s main man almost passed up the role because of the movie’s sexual overtones.

“He was concerned about the sex scene,” Fienberg admits. “He’s a religious man and he wanted to be consistent with his values.”

Andy — who underwent quadruple bypass surgery in 2000 — ultimately decided to do the movie because the sex scenes show seniors in a realistic light.

Fienberg says, “This film brings out into the open what younger people don’t want to think about — that their parents and grandparents still have sex.”

Play The Game is now open in select theaters.

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