Andrew Koenig, Missing “Growing Pains” Actor, Spotted In Vancouver?

There’s possibly good news to report in the disappearance of Andrew Koenig…..

Police in Vancouver have renewed hope of finding former Growing Pains actor Andrew Koenig alive following a series of reported sightings of the missing former teen star.

Reports of sightings of the missing actor have been flooding Vancouver police stations by the dozens since news of Koenig’s disappearance hit the press on Sunday. According to, Vancouver Police have received numerous reports of Koenig sightings near Canada’s Vancouver Island and also reports of seeing the actor – who has been reported missing since Valentine’s Day – on islands closer to the city.

Koenig played Boner, the best friend of Mike Seaver on the hit ’80s sitcom Growing Pains.

Andrew, who is now a podcast producer, was scheduled to fly back to the States after completing some work in Canada last week, but he never made his flight home. Although, he has no history of drug use, friends and Andrew’s famous father — Star Trek’s Walter Koenig — are considered that the actor had been battling depression.

On Monday, Vancouver Police Constable Tim Fanning revealed that Koenig’s ATM card and cell phone were used after February 14, the date the actor was last seen. Fanning did not disclose when the items were used because the search for Koenig is still an ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information on Koenig’s whereabouts is asked to call the Vancouver Police at 604-717-2534.

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