Andrew Garfield Learns What Happens to Spider-Men Who Bad-Mouth Beyonce

It’s no secret: The Beyhive is relentless in tearing out the throat of anyone who dares think, speak or tweet an ill word about their beloved Queen Bey (known to all others simply as Beyonce).

The loose-lipped inhabitants of the free world are not safe from the ire of a hip-poppin, hand-waggin’ Beyonce fan. A web-slingin’, building-scalin’, crime-fightin’ superhero is no exception.

Ah — which bring us to the plight of Andrew Garfield.

The star of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 took a bold step in his weekend role as host of Saturday Night Live. A very brave Garfield was driven to the fringes of modern society after he dared to say he wasn’t “crazy about that ‘Drunk In Love’ song.”

Let’s just say that little remark didn’t go over well with The Beygency — a shadowy government organization tasked with hunting down and eradicating anyone who isn’t completely entranced with the “Single Ladies” songstress. (Think the Central Intelligence Agency with better threads and actual rhythm.)

Sounds like tax dollars well spent to us.

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