Andre Iguodala May Have Received The Sweetest Father’s Day Gift Of All



Andre Iguodala may not have been the biggest star on the Golden State Warriors over the course of the regular season, but he made it count when it came to the NBA Finals.

After an impressive MVP performance, his son showed him how proud he was when it came to Father’s Day. Iguodala is a veteran player in the league and has played with 3 different teams since 2004, but never reaching the NBA finals until this year.

He was able to share the moment with his son after the game when the team was celebrating and receiving the trophy. This was also the time when he was given the MVP Award, a much-deserved honor that he earned through his work during the series.

Months before he won the NBA title or the MVP Award, Andre Iguodala’s son had made a sculpture of the Larry O’Brien Trophy for him and decided to wait until Father’s Day to give it to him, paired with a sweet card that said “Dad of the year.”

Of course, his son, Andre Tyler Iguodala II did not know that his dad would already have the real thing and thought it could even work as a consolation prize, but a handmade trophy from your son is certainly more special and Iguodala even said in the caption that it might be his new favorite trophy.

What more could an NBA player ask for on Father’s Day? In the past week, he has now received a handmade Larry O’Brien trophy from his son, a real Larry O’Brien Trophy, and the Bill Russell Finals MVP Trophy. It’s safe to say that the Iguodala family is having an amazing time in celebration right now.

Andre Iguodala was able to bring his son and his wife during the Golden State Warriors’ celebration parade that took place on Friday and thanked the fans while having the time of his life.

To our awesome fans… THANK YOU! #dubnation

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