Anderson Cooper defends Lady GaGa says “Women are held to unattainable standards”


Keep an honest, AC!

In an episode of Anderson Cooper’s daytime talkshow, Anderson Live, that aired earlier this week, a voice of reason is speaking out on the way women are portrayed in the media.

Anderson, who was joined by Extra’s Maria Menounos, began chatting about the photos that blew-up the internet earlier this week of Lady GaGa. The mother monster performed in Amsterdam earlier this week, while smoking a joint, okay fine, marijuana is perfectly legal for recreational use in Amsterdam. The problem has been the internet explosion about GaGa’s “weight gain.” While, I personally refuse to comment on GaGa’s said weight, I will say this, I completely agree with Anderson! “Who cares about her weight,” Anderson chimed. “I’ve seen her in concert and she’s great….I just think the way this world expects women to look is ridiculous.” Anderson went onto say, “the double-standard expected for women to maintain blows my mind.”

Thank you AC…that’s why we love you!


No more party rocking for LMFAO

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