Amy Winehouse’s Family and Friends Gather for Her Funeral

Kelly Osbourne, Mark Ronson, Mitch Winehouse

About 200 of Amy Winehouse’s family and friends gathered in London today for a memorial to honor the singer, who died on Saturday of still-unknown causes.

Kelly Osbourne, one of Amy’s closest friends who helped get her into rehab in 2008, paid homage to the fallen star by styling her platinum locks into a Winehouse beehive. Mark Ronson, producer of the singer’s breakthrough album, “Back to Black,” wore a suit and somber black sunglasses. Also in attendance were some of Winehouse’s bandmates and her boyfriend at the time of her death, Reg Traviss.

Blake Fielder-Civil, Winehouse’s ex-husband who’s currently in prison, is said to be inconsolable after learning of his former wife’s death. He tried to get a temporary release from jail to attend the services but his request was denied.

Amy’s dad, cab-driver-turned-jazz-musician Mitch Winehouse, delivered the eulogy at the private memorial. “Mitch was funny, he told some great stories from childhood about how headstrong she was, and clearly the family and friends recognized the stories and laughed along,” said family spokesman Chris Goodman.

But as with any father bidding a final farewell to his only daughter, he was somber as well, closing by saying, “Goodnight my angel. Sleep tight. Mommy and Daddy love you ever so much.”

The service concluded with a singalong to one of Amy’s favorite songs, Carole King’s “So Far Away.”

Winehouse will now be cremated, and her family will hold a smaller gathering at a nearby synagogue before following the Jewish custom of sitting shiva later today.

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