Amy Winehouse Robbed: Amy Winehouse Home Burglary $30,000

Amy’s been robbed!

The Grammy Award-winning singer has reportedly had $30,000 worth of personal belongings stolen from her apartment in the Camden section of London.

According to Britain’s The Sun, two men ransacked the troubled singer’s home early Thursday morning, making off with a flat screen TV, digital recording equipment, and five guitars.

Some items were abandoned and later recovered.

“Amy is devastated. Some of the guitars are irreplaceable due to their sentimental value. The flat is in a real state. It had been cleaned up in preparation for her return. Now she will have to start from scratch to replace what has been stolen.”

“No arrests have been made,” says a police spokesperson.

Amy has been on vacation on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia since December. She is expected to return to Britain this weekend.

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