Amy Winehouse Grammy Awards 2008 Performance; Kanye West Amy Winehouse Motown Medley 2008 Grammy Awards

Grammy Awards 2008 fronntrunner Amy Winehouse has been booked to perform at the February 10 ceremony. With any luck, she’ll be leaving her syringe and crack pipe back in the UK.

“Her live performances can either be spectacular or car-crash territory but either way, it’s a gamble organizers are willing to take as she’s such hot property.”

Amy is reportedly planning a Motown medley and considering asking fellow top contender Kanye West to perform with her at the show.

“Amy is really excited to be asked to perform at the Grammys. It’s a huge event.”

“She’s planning to do some sort of soul and Motown medley, and is even weighing up the possibility of a duet with some US stars – particularly Kanye West, who has spoken in the past of wanting to work with her.”

“The only potential problem is that Amy will need a US visa, so she is hoping that her recent arrest won’t cause any problems.”

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