Amy Winehouse Father Faked Heart Attack To Get Singer Off Drugs


Mitch Winehouse has confessed that he once faked a heart attack in front of her famous drug addict daughter, crooner Amy Winehouse, in a last ditch effort to get her off of heroin.

Mitch — who is reportedly working on his first album — reveals that he was desperate to get the 25-year-old singer out of drug hell before she killed herself.
“Once I even started screaming and said I was having a heart attack, but it didn’t work. Amy’s not stupid and she wanted to see my medical records proving I was actually ill.”

“I was at me wits end. I just didn’t know which way to turn. I’d tried everything. I pretended I was seriously ill and even got our doctor to tell Amy that I was dying,” the 59-year-old former cabbie remarks in an interview with The Mirror on Thursday.

The “Rehab” hitmaker is now clean after spending eight months in the tropical paradise of St Lucia.

Mitch describes his daughter as a “recovering addict:” “Nine months ago she wasn’t coherent. But now she doesn’t binge on chocolate like she used to. She’s no longer bulimic. She’s healthy.”

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