Amy Winehouse Cheating: Amy Winehouse Affair Alex Haines

Amy Winehouse and Alex Haines

Amy Winehouse is screwing around on her “Blake Incarcerated!” According to British tabloid reports, Amy has recently cheated on her husband of eleven months, Blake Fielder-Civil, with American photog Blake Wood (Blake II) and her manager’s assistant Alex Haines.

“You could hear them down the hall,” says one tab spy. “Her thing with Blake II lasted a few weeks. The pair barely left their room.”

Alex, Amy’s other “gentleman” friend, is described as a “clean cut good boy:” “Alex is a good boy. He doesn’t smoke or take drugs. He isn’t a big drinker. Amy has really fallen for him.

“Their relationship is only a month old but Amy was desperate to keep it quiet from Blake….She didn’t want the truth coming out because she doesn’t want Blake reading things that may upset him and make him try something stupid.”

“Amy broke down in tears when she heard that the news of her and Alex was about to be made public because she knew Blake would find out.”

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