Amy Winehouse Burn — Amy Winehouse Burned Leg In Pasta Cooking Accident


Amy Winehouse has landed herself in hot water -literally.

The “Valerie” singer suffered severe burns to her leg after a pasta cooking blunder over the weekend.

It all started when the star decided to hold a dinner party for her pals on the Caribbean isle of St. Lucia, where she has spent much of the last four months working on a new album. The joyous get-together ended in disaster when a huge pan of boiling water full of pasta fell from the cooker and onto Amy’s leg, leaving the critically-acclaimed singer with burns that appear to have been left untreated.

“Amy was making herself a bowl of pasta when the pot felt over and she was scolded by boiling water.”

Amy’s spokesperson insists the wounds aren’t as bad as they look: “She’s not in a lot of pain, she’s just letting it breathe.”

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