Amy Fisher Sex Tape

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Before Lindsay Lohan, there was the Original Long Island Lolita, Amy Fisher. Amy was convicted of the 1992 shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco, after carrying on a long-running affair with Mary Jo’s husband, Joey, as an underage high school student in New York. A sex tape of the one-time teen mistress and her estranged husband, Lou Bellera, has made it’s way to a Los Angeles porn distributor and could hit the Net in a matter of days.

Amy and Lou made the tape earlier this year, according to David Krieff, a TV executive who has produced a currently shelved reality show starring Amy, her ex-lover Joey Buttafuoco, and Buttafuoco’s ex-wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco.

Lou sold the vid to smut house Red Light District Video, who will begin selling the saucy footage next month.

“I was told she was a willing participant at the time it was made, as a private video with her husband,” Krieff said.

“She’s disgusted. I’m disgusted by it, too, the whole genre. I can’t believe in the United States of America things like this can be released.”

“I feel bad for Amy and Lou,” Krieff added. “I think they were having a fight and he made a bad decision that’s coming back to haunt them now.”

A spokesman for Red Light was not available for comment last night.

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