Americans Are Awesome At Australian Accents, Except Not Really

When it comes to mastering the Australian accent there are no better imitators on our planet than Americans. Actually we suck at mimicking the down under accent. In fact, our attempts at speaking with an Australian accent are so bad that a new hilarious video posted to YouTube has gone viral in less than 24 hours.

Each participant was asked to say a very simple sentence: ‘G’day Mate! How You Going?”

As expected, participants in New Orleans were too intoxicated to complete the sentence. In Texas, a man decided to perform a silence dance rather than repeating the Australian turn of phrase.

Americans impersonate Australian Accent with Hilarious Effects

If you love watching Americans being ignorant to other cultures, you will get a huge kick out of this G’day Mate! How You Going? video. With 36,000 views in less than 24 hours, this video will likely be sticking around for quite a while.

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