America Ferrera Helping Lindsay Lohan Find Acting Jobs


America Ferrera has ended her rumored feud with former Ugly Betty guest star Lindsay Lohan.

Last fall, Lindsay was booted from the award-winning ABC dramedy after completing just four episodes of a six episode guest arc when she reportedly clashing with the show’s star, Ferrera.

But with Lindsay’s personal life hitting headlines following her recent split from Samantha Ronson, America has decided to extend an olive branch to her former foe.

“After hearing about Lindsay’s latest woes, America decided to put the past aside and see if she could help,” a tipster told The National Enquirer this week. “Right now Lindsay feels like everyone is shunning her. America’s call really gave her a confidence boost.”

Instead of opening in wide theatrical release, as she would have hoped, Lindsay’s latest film project, the light comedy Labor Pains, is headed straight to TV, with a premiere on the ABC Family Channel scheduled for this July. Upon hearing that news, America offered to act as Lindsay’s de facto manager by lining up a few new gigs for the out-of-work star.

“America told Lindsay she’d consider her for a role in her boyfriend’s upcoming film, which she’s producing,” the tattle says. “She also said she’d talk to Ugly Betty producers about Lindsay back next season for an episode or two.”

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