America: A Nation of Believers


The United States of America has always been a country brimming with dreamers, so it isn’t exactly surprising that many of us believe in some strange things. Like Fox Mulder, we know that just because something seems completely out there to the majority of folks – for instance, alien abductions, the Chupacabra or the resurrection of Elvis – it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cling desperately to our strange beliefs. Here are some of the strange things that a surprising percentage of American people believe.

Nicolaus Comernicus’ 16th century revelation that the Earth seemed to revolve around the sun aside, a whopping 18 percent of our countrymen look at the skies and come to the false conclusion that things are the other way around. Heliocentrism isn’t the only scientific advancement that many Americans choose to ignore: Seven percent of the population chooses to believe that Neil Armstrong’s moon landing was faked.

Many of the country’s favorite conspiracies center around supposed sinister plots orchestrated by the government. Across the nation, 13 percent of the populace has applied biblical warnings to Obama’s presidency and come to the conclusion that he is in fact the Anti-Christ. Most of us understand that planes leave streaks of exhaust in the skies as a part of their normal functioning, but five percent suspect that these pillars of exhaust are actually chemicals imposed upon the populace by the government for sinister reasons. When it comes to advanced media technology, 15 percent of America’s countrymen have decided that someone – either the media or the government or both – is rolling mind-controlling pulses in with broadcast signals.

More people believe in the existence of Bigfoot than in the continued existence of Osama bin Laden;14 percent of Americans are convinced a huge, hairy man-beast romps around North America, but only six percent believe bin Laden made it out of Pakistan in one piece.

If you’ve ever wondered how Paul McCartney’s solo career didn’t hold a candle to his days with the Beatles, perhaps you’ll jump on board with the five percent of Americans who believe McCartney has long been dead and was replaced by a look-alike.

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The United States of Conspiracy
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