“Glee” Amber Riley “American Idol” Reject

One of the music industry’s most talented vocalists didn’t even make it past the first round when she auditioned for TV’s most watched talent show.

Hey Crunchers, betcha didn’t know that singer/actress Amber Riley — who plays Mercedes Jones on the Emmy-winning television musical Glee — was once rejected by American Idol.

Extra TV caught up with Idol’s Top Dawg Randy Jackson at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles on Saturday, where he revealed that the pleasingly-plump powerhouse’s first shot at stardom faded with a fizzle. After turning in a lackluster performance, Amber was promptly booted by Idol producers and never had the opportunity to audition for the judges, Randy explains.

“Yo, that girl Amber Riley, she I guess, I didn’t know this, she didn’t make it to us. She auditioned for ‘Idol’ and got rejected. She’s like the lead singer the lead star of ‘Glee’ and let me tell you something America, this girl is talented and she can really sing.”

Since joining the cast of Glee, Amber has contributed her vocals to the show’s charttopping compilation album, performed at The White House, and even graced the stage of The Oprah Show.

Eat your heart out, Idol.

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