Amber Portwood Arrested For Domestic Violence: “MTV Made Me Do It!”

Amber Portwood, one of the stars of the smash MTV docu-series Teen Mom, was arrested Monday on dual charges of felony domestic violence. The arrest came after an exhaustive investigation be police in rural Indianan after Amber was recorded beating portly baby daddy Gary Shirley, 24, to a pulp in an episode that aired on the hit reality show in September.

The reality TV star, who faces fines of more than $10,000 and up to three years behind bars for battering Gary Shirley in front of their two-year-old daughter Leah, is allegedly prepared to tell that court that MTV paid her to hit her former flame on TV.

Ah — The Old “MTV Made Me Do It!” Defense. Very clever, Portwood.

Portwood was booked into a Madison County, Indiana jail at 4:21 PM local time. She was placed on a 24-hour hold, with bail set at $5,000.

Amber, 20, earns nearly $70,000 for allowing MTV’s cameras to shadow her on Teen Mom and is allegedly saying that the network paid her additional $1,000 to “get physical” during her fight with Gary because they needed more drama in their show. Gary, obviously, wasn’t let in on the deal.

“Amber knows she needs a good defense, and reality show producers are known to stage scenes, so she thinks it’s believable,” a tipster in-the-know dished to The National Enquirer’s Jan. 3 edition.

“She says that the producers were concerned because they don’t get that much drama from the other moms. They told her that she and Gary were the most popular couple on the show and that they would pay her extra to provoke a fight. Amber says Gary didn’t know about it because they wanted a ‘spontaneous’ reaction from him.”

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